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Technical specifications
Number of bicycles
Also electrical bicyles
Mounting of bicycles
by lockable and
removable frame holders
approx. 18 kg
Maximum load
60 kg
coated steel + aluminium


The Diamant is a safe and reliable bike carrier for the transportation of 2 bicycles.
  • Suitable for almost all tow bars, all bicycles (also e-bikes) and wheel dimensions
  • An ingenious folding system makes it easy to carry and store
  • Extremely easy and quick fi tting onto the tow bar with the patented quick connector
  • Trunk stays always accessible by an easy to use tilt mechanism
  • The bicycles are held in wide, stable aluminium wheel holders
  • Flexible lockable and removable "Easy Fix” frame holders
  • Storage bag included
  • Lighting via a combined 7 and 13 -pin (Jaeger) plug
  • Immediate usage from the carton
  • The bike carrier can be locked with lock on quick connector
  • Including fog light and reverse driving lighting (only works via the 13-pin plug)
  • European permission given by the RDW
  • In combination with the ride-on ramp (art.no. 91549) you can even more easy ride your bicycle onto the bike carrier
The Diamant is rated as Best Buy 2012, Best Buy 2014 ánd Best Buy 2015! The bike carriers that have been tested extensively in 2014, were examined again in March 2015. Our Diamant had once again the best value for money and was rated as Best Buy for the 3rd time!

Second Generation

In 2013 manufacturer Tradekar Benelux BV introduces two Diamant Second Generation bike carriers. The SG2 and SG3 are the successors of the Diamant. These bike carriers, with their modern design, are also suitable for e-bikes, foldable, easy to use and available for 2 or 3 bicycles.
Besides the Diamant bike carriers, you can also find more information at the website about other tow bar bike carriers, bike carriers onto the roof or the back of a car.
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